Sandra McNeill

PeaceCapacity Staff

Sandra McNeill is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Transparency Solutions (TS) and is an Honorary Research Affiliate at the University of Bristol.

Sandra has senior management responsibility for TS projects and personnel and strives to ensure that the work of TS has a positive impact on both state-building in Somalia and the well-being and security of its people. TS has an impressive client list which includes the UK Government, the EU, NATO, the United Nations and USAID. Before joining TS, Sandra was a senior manager in a UK company listed on the London Stock Exchange and ran a highly successful and high-profile SME. For this work, she received a national award presented by Rt Hon, Gordon Brown achieving high growth in 2003, and in 2006 in her capacity as a business advisor, she won a national award for developing a “Best New Business Incubation Scheme”. She is also a qualified trainer and facilitator with many year experience of adult training including in Britain and Somalia.

Sandra has contributed to and co-authored a number of research publications including “Bristol to Bosasso” in 2013; ‘The Political Economy of Roadblocks in South Central Somalia’ in 2016, ‘Insights from Network Analysis in Somalia in 2017, Political Network Mapping in 2016 and 2017. She is a core member of Somali First, a joint initiative between The University of Bristol and Transparency Solutions, the purpose of which is to promote Somali-led development through impartial facilitation, research and education.



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TS has extensive experience advising national and international governments on issues relating to conflict, security and local capacity-building, with a focus on the Horn of Africa.