Transparency Solutions

TS has extensive experience advising national and international governments on issues relating to conflict, security and local capacity-building, with a focus on the Horn of Africa. TS will co-organise PeaceCapacity’s Hargeisa workshop (Work Package 5) alongside the University of Bristol, and will also contribute to Work Packages 7 and 8. TS also has strong contacts with national and international stakeholders. TS has offices in East Africa, which facilitate contact with local communities affected by conflict in this region.

Participating Team members

Sandra McNeill

Sandra McNeill is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Transparency Solutions (TS) and is an Honorary Research Affiliate at the University of Bristol.

Khadir Abdi

Khadir Abdi is currently Operations Director for Transparency Solutions (TS) based in Hargeisa and is on the Senior Management Team of Somali First, a co-produced initiative between the University of Bristol and TS.

Amel Sa’eed Ismail

Amel Sa’eed Ismail is the Marketing and Research Officer at Transparency Solutions. She graduated from the University of Hargeisa in May 2014 and subsequently worked for the Edna Adan Hospital Foundation and Action Aid International before moving to TS in 2016.

Work Packages


Hargeisa workshop: engaging women and girls


Lessons identified, lessons learned, and best practices


Dissemination and communication