Hodan Saeed, Committee of Concerned Somalis – Somaliland

Our organisation is called the Committee of Concerned Somalis (CCS). It is a local non-governmental organisation which was founded right after the end of the civil war in the early 1990s. With a record of being one of the oldest organisations formed in Somaliland, CCS has a rich history of providing support to the community through various developmental ventures, with particular attention towards the marginalised groups of the community. The topics covered during the workshop corresponded to how the marginalised groups can participate in the peacebuilding of Somaliland. I particularly appreciated the attention being paid to the inclusion of women, minority clans and disabled people in our peacebuilding process. Members of the minority clans of Somaliland face excessive discrimination since people from the other clans do not marry them or live with them. Meanwhile, women face challenges with regards to their political participation, making it difficult for them to attain their desired roles within the political arena. Finally, disabled people do not obtain their fundamental rights here. CCS therefore gained a lot from the workshop since it was relevant towards the work we do. The most helpful part for us was in learning more about how the employment of policy briefs can better aid the successful engagement of the marginalised groups.