Lorenta Kadriu, Raise Your Hand for Help – Kosovo

The trainers were knowledgeable and approachable, which meant that I enjoyed the workshop overall. During the workshop, one of the things that I was most interested in was the opportunity to learn about writing a policy brief, as well as the subsequent discussion with Gilberto, Natalie and other participants about best practices in writing policy briefs (keeping them short, specific, and in keeping with a theme). Following the workshop, I discussed what I had learned with my colleagues in my organisation and explained to them how to write better policy briefs as a non-government organisation working for citizens in the Fushe Kosovo district.

During the workshop, we evaluated an example policy brief that addressed water pollution. As it happens, in my city we have suffered from the same problem for a long time, so my organisation decided to do something similar in the Fushe Kosovo district. My organisation generally uses advocacy to solve the problems that our citizens face, and we are now planning to write a policy brief on lake pollution in the Fushe Kosovo district. Through this policy brief, we hope to convince the municipal government to address and resolve the problem of lake pollution, to raise the awareness of the citizens of the importance of the lake and how useful it is (and how it can be better used by citizens and the municipal government alike), and how citizens that live close to the lake can take care of the water and avoid the pollution being repeated.